Welcome to Al Jood

Al Jood Trading & Contracting Company L.L.C. is an Electro-mechanical & Civil Omani Company established in 1981, Registered in Sultanate of Oman under the commercial Business Law of Oman 1981 at C/R No.3/1248/4. The main branch in Muscat registered at C/R No. 1/62111/4 on 1999.

Our activities

For Electromechanical

  1. Construction of Transmission & Distribution Over Head line & Underground cables for High, Medium & Low voltage level.
  2. Construction of Electrical Primary Substations(33/11KV) and Electrical Distribution Substation (11KV/433v) with all capacities.
  3. Construction of Diesel Power Stations (11/33KV) complete up to commissioning and operation & maintenance for the same.
  4. Operation & Maintenance for 220KV & 132KV Substations and OHL.
  5. Protection and Control Works for the Power stations/ Substations and Networks.
  6. Construction of Street Lighting works.
  7. All Electrical Maintenance works and Emergency works.
  8. Live and Dead Line Washing for 220KV & 132KV Steel Towers, 33KV&11KV Substations(220KV / 132KV / 33KV & 11KV).

For Civil

  1. Residential Buildings
  2. Commercial Buildings
  3. Factories
  4. Diesel Power Station Buildings
  5. Electrical Station/ substation Buildings

Other Activities

  1. With our professional and efficient employees we have executed Major Projects in Musandam Region wherein access to the Locations / Site were not possible by road, hence we used Aircraft (Helicopter) & Ship services to reach the locations so as to carryout the job in all respect.
  2. We are ready to execute projects coming under abnormal circumstances & tuff terrains.

In addition to that, Al Jood activities have been extended to Estate of Qatar where we have opened a branch under the name of AL Jood Qatari Omani Trading & Contracting Co. W.L.L



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